Curses, Invocations

Curses, Invocations /Weird bate-headed mongrels I keep expecting one of you to rise./

Large buxom obese queens / Garden hogs & cunt Veterans/ quaint cabbage saints / Shit hoarders & individualists / Drag-strip officials / Tight-lipped losers & Lustful fuck salesman/ My militant dandies all strange orders of monsters / Hot on the tail of the woodvine / We welcome you to our procession. / Here come the Comedians / Look at them smile / Watch them dance an Indian mile / Look at them gesture /How aplomb So to gesture everyone. / Words dissemble / Words be quick / Words resemble walking sticks. / Plant them they will grow Watch them waver so. / I'll always be a word man Better then a bird man.

Jim Morrison

© 2016-2020  Nino Campisi

Progettazione e Redazione: 

Ufficio Stampa Teatro del Navile - Spazio Arte

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